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Man`s Land DVD (15344D)
  • Man`s Land DVD (15344D)
  • Man`s Land DVD (15344D)

Man`s Land DVD


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A man is the king of his castle and that goes for the land around it too. Don’t under-estimate the territorial instincts of a guy protecting his patch – if you want some of it you gotta give up something in exchange and that’s usually your ass! A young rookie wants to learn all there is in a boxing ring, but first he’s gotta learn how to take a cock in his tight ring! A new prisoner gets his initiation into the prison fraternity and he’s gotta suck cock for the first time – and he loves it! You have to take the rough with the smooth when you wanna come on into this Man’s Land!
Durée: 125 min.
Acteurs: Aitor Crash, Carioca, Dillon Buck, Fred Faurtin, Harley Everett, Kurt Rogers, Pedro Andreas, Robbie Rivers, Stefan Colby, Thorne
Studio: Macho Guys

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