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Stonewall & Riot The Ultimate Orgasm DVD (Joe Philips) (03806D)
  • Stonewall & Riot The Ultimate Orgasm DVD (Joe Philips) (03806D)
  • Stonewall & Riot The Ultimate Orgasm DVD (Joe Philips) (03806D)
Stonewall & Riot The Ultimate Orgasm DVD (Joe Philips) (03806D)
Stonewall & Riot The Ultimate Orgasm DVD (Joe Philips) (03806D) Stonewall & Riot The Ultimate Orgasm DVD (Joe Philips) (03806D)

Stonewall & Riot The Ultimate Orgasm DVD (Joe Philips)

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Joe Phillips' STONEWALL & RIOT from the AVA film studios finally fulfill the dream of all gay comic fans: to see our childhood heroes having sex! Thanks to the 3-D technology of computer generated imagery (CGI), the film is a masterpiece at the pinnacle of contemporary animation. Excellent images, astounding details, rapid “tracking shots? and a large color spectrum keep you entertained for a full 60 minutes. And there is plenty of sex. The film does destroy a sacred taboo of superhero culture, as they usually never have sex, even if they would probably be absolutely bombastic in bed. But “Stonewall & Riot? is completely different: The diabolical queen French Tickler is menacing the city with a sperm tsunami and must be stopped. The villain wants to bury Eros City under a giant wave of sperm with the gigantic orgasm cannon by making all the city’s inhabitants cum simultaneously. French Tickler has stolen the cannon from its creator Dr. van Fockincock and also kidnapped him. Will Stonewall & Riot be able to rescue the poor professor and Eros City in time? Stonewall is the epitome of the fully mature superhero: strong as a bear, intelligent and battle-tested. A traumatic experience – he was unable to protect a lover from the powers of the underworld – has turned him into an uncompromising fighter for all that is good, mainly good sex. Riot is the typical sidekick: totally sweet. The rogue’s gallery is also stocked with humour and fantasy: Dr. Dick Cockopolis, a former plastic surgeon who specialized in penis enhancement, is terrorizing the world with his yard-long telescoping cocks. Analconda also turns out to be a dangerous sex freak – with his deadly anal balls he represents a real test for even superhero arses. A must for all gay comic fans! The Director`s Cut is sold out. The basic edition production will most likely be available in November 2007.

Running Time: 60 min
Studio: Joe Philips
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