Viens Kiffer - Les Mecs de Teci #5 DVD (16325D)
  • Viens Kiffer - Les Mecs de Teci #5 DVD (16325D)
  • Viens Kiffer - Les Mecs de Teci #5 DVD (16325D)

Viens Kiffer - Les Mecs de Teci #5 DVD


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Abdel is young and pretty algerian boy in big sexual need. He must decide whenever Arab men are better fuckers compared to Latino studs. He invites 4 top fuckers from the neibourhoud in his appartment the very same day. The first to come is Pablo Bravo, a latino porn star from Paris. The guy will open Abdel’s little ass and make him want to be fucked even more, harder and deeper. Markizar, a Moroccan gay man, will reply to his next call and will fuck Abdel’s pretty ass even harder. Still in need and undecided… Abdel needs more. His next fucker is very handsome half brazilian half algerian man - Juliano. So far he learned that both Latino and Arab men are top fuckers. But who’s better ?! Finally when Kousay show up the question will be settled up. This Algerian hairy fucker will abuses of Abdel’s as young ass and fulfill all his needs.
Durée: 96 min.
Acteurs: Pablo Bravo, Juliano, Markizar, Abdel, Kousay

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